She hits like a freight train, flies like an aeroplane, and will leave you in a heap of pain. Jezette Marie is KnokX Pro’s very own Rock n’ Roll Femme Fatale. She’s held the ECC Cruiserweight Championship on numerous occasions and for good reason. Whether it be her debilitating super kick, Coma, her decapitating clothesline, The Whammy Bar, or her aerial attack that’ll hit you like a night train, Welcome To The Jungle, Jezette Marie will find a way to win. Her opponents fear and respect her, and the fans can’t help but cheer her. If you underestimate Jezette just because she’s a woman, you’ll see this beauty turn into a beast in the blink of an eye. This KnokX Pro Veteran will take on all comers who dare challenge her on what is surely this Rock n’ Roll Queen’s stage.


Height: 5'5"


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