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Knokx Pro Training Academy

Beginner Wrestling Program

Our beginner level program covers a multitude of aspects of the wrestling business.
Course includes:

  • Basic foundation of wrestling skills,including falls, holds, footwork, etc.
  • How to conduct yourself as a professional in the wrestling business.
  • Preparation for all aspects of a career in professional wrestling.

Advanced Wrestling Program

Our advanced level program covers more refined, higher level, aspects of the wrestling business.
Course includes:

  • Constructing a match.
  • Advanced ring psychology and application.
  • Character Development and creative guidance.

Manager / Valet Training Progam

Our manager/Valet Program teaches the skills necessary to become an effective manager or valet.
Course include:

  • Basic foundation of wrestling skills.
  • How to participate in a match in a way that serves the match.
  • Character development and guidance.

Referree Training Program

The third component of any match, learn the indispensable skills of a referee.
Course includes:

  • Basic foundation of wrestling skills
  • Essential ring awareness and wrestling psychology.

Commentator Program

Learn how to add value to any match by heightening the action in the ring and clarifying the story for the viewing audience.
Course Includes:

  • Build your own distinct character and hone your natural voice under the direction of our legendary instructors.

Wrestling Production Program

Learn the secrets of putting together a professional wrestling show together with our experienced production team. From promotions, to organization, to the final bell, you will learn to work for every match on the card to build the best possible show.

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Knokx Pro Academy Trainers

Jr Fatu

Among the most decorated, respected and acclaimed veterans of the entire industry, Rikishi Fatu's reputation as one of the toughest men to ever set foot in a wrestling ring precedes him wherever he goes. A member of legendary units such as the Samoan Swat Team, The Headshrinkers and the beloved Too Cool, Rikishi has also found tremendous individual success and has been a main event mainstay since making his debut in 1985. He has headlined pay per view events, won both tag team and individual titles in the WWE, and sold out arenas the world over. Trained by the legendary Afa the Wild Samoan, this member of the Samoan Dynasty is one of the most instantly recognizable and universally popular superstars in wrestling history. The father of WWE superstars The Usos, Rikishi is a giant both in size and reputation and his unique blend of experience, charisma, and ring savvy make him an elite instructor at the KnokX Pro Academy.


Internationally renowned as a rugged brawler and charismatic force to be reckoned with, the legendary 'Vampire Warrior' Gangrel brings over 25 years of in ring experience to the KnokX Pro Academy. Trained by the likes of Boris Malenko, Stu Hart, and the Wild Samoans, Gangrel has wrestled all over the world, from Florida to Calgary, Japan to Puerto Rico and all points in between. From ECW, WCW, TNA to his unforgettable time as the leader of The Brood in WWE, Gangrel has established himself as one of the most respected veterans in the wrestling business who keeps fangin' and banging' 24-7 and he is a natural at imparting knowledge and insight to his students at the KnokX Pro Academy.

Black Pearl

A proud member of the legendary Samoan Dynasty, the 'Count of California' Black Pearl has traveled the world, one squared circle at a time. After being trained by his uncle, Afa the Wild Samoan, Black Pearl blazed his own trail in the wrestling business, which has taken him from Puerto Rico to Europe to the Territory League, and he has gained invaluable experience in all aspects of the wrestling business. A fearsome ring general, a captivating presence, and a masterful promoter, this scion of a bloodline which includes The Wild Samoans, Rikishi, The Great Samu, The Usos, The Rock, Roman Reigns and countless others, is now considered one of the premier trainers in all of professional wrestling.